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Flipkart is now available in Nepal via Sastodeal

Flipkart is now available in Nepal via Sasto Deal. You can shop for more than 5000 Flipkart products directly from Nepal. Shop Flipkart products in Nepal and get shipped from overseas to Nepal using Sastodeal. flipkart shopping in nepal []Currently, you can shop the following 15 categories. * Flipkart Audio Store * Flipkart Auto Accessories Store * Flipkart Baby Care Store * Flipkart Toys & Stationeries Store * Flipkart Kids Store * Flipkart Footwear Fitness Store * Flipkart Home Furnishing Store * Flipkart Home Improvement Store * Flipkart IOT Store * Flipkart Mens Accessories Store * Flipkart Mobile Protection Store * Flipkart Personal Care Store * Flipkart Sports Fitness Store * Flipkart Women's Accessories Store * Flipkart Women Ethnic Store flipkart products shopping [] You can now show Flipkart products in Nepal from Sastodeal. [] FAQs Flipkart: What is Flipkart store? Flipkart store is a cross-border e-commerce platform which enables you to shop from over 5000+ Flipkart products through Sastodeal’s website. How long does it take for me to get my item if I order? Ordering any private label Flipkart brands like MarQ by Flipkart and Flipkart Smart Buy will make you eligible for 1-2 days delivery time whereas ordering through Flipkart store entails a minimum of 21 days delivery time due to it being cross border commerce. Can I order from Flipkart Website and get the items from Sastodeal? No, only Flipkart products enabled through Sastodeal’s platform will be eligible through delivery from Sastodeal How can I order? It’s really easy, just add any products that you like in the cart and simply checkout with your details. You’ll receive a confirmation call for your order and your delivery will be scheduled accordingly. Where do I claim warranty for Flipkart products? If you run into any issues regarding the products, you can contact Sastodeal for the warranty process. Are and Flipkart in Sasto Deal same? No, they are not the same in the sense is Flipkart is only one vendor (seller) at SastoDeal. However, is an established multi-store e-commerce site. Are all products of Flipkart India available in Flipkart Store in Nepal? No, it is not necessary that all Flipkart India products are available in Nepal. Only, the products which Flipkart Store upload in SastoDeal are available. Just like previously, Myntra fashionwear is also available through Sastodeal. Is Flipkart in Nepal officially available? No, in the sense that it's not an official Flipkart. Yes, in the sense the Flipkart Store on SastoDeal as a seller is the same Flipkart division in India. The answer is twice baked potato. The real thing is Flipkart is a Seller Store like many of them in Sastodeal and the orders are fulfilled via SastoDeal. Shop Flipkart Products Now []

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Download new Outline Map of Nepal [Includes Limpiyadhura]

The government of Nepal has recently released a new map of Nepal. I was not able to find the proper outline on the internet. On request, I have created this new outline map of Nepal which can be very used fully for others too. Download an outline of the map of Nepal. This new map of Nepal outline includes the Limpiyadhura and Kalapani region. The image shown below might be compressed, so recommended to download the zip files. Click the button below to download an outline of the map of Nepal. DOWNLOAD []